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Independent Contractors


Representatives of AAUVI HOUSE PUBLISHING GROUP, a former division of AAUVI GROUP, INC. (hereinafter "Aauvi") would like to join you in the fight against ENDOMETRIOSIS! With that said, we invite you to preview our publication "DERAILED Memoirs of a Botched Hysterectomy - A Story About Undiagnosed Endometriosis!" by Jaimi Taylor as it seems we have a common goal.

Inasmuch, we would like to discuss a proposed transaction - asking you to include a link and accompanying book cover picture on your web site's homepage to our book web site at EndoObserver.blogspot.com - with respect to promoting said publication as an ideal fundraising tool for your organization (the "Proposed Transaction). In return, we will reciprocate and post and promote your link on our Web site. This note confirms the current status of these discussions and provides a framework for negotiating a definitive agreement governing the Proposed Transaction.

There is nothing like knowing that your work significantly contributed to the life of another person.

Please feel free to contact me directly by e-mail at lamoeszinger@aauvihouse.com or by telephone at (408) 216-0309 should you have any interest regarding the content of this letter and thank you for your valuable time, support, and consideration.

Lori Moeszinger, Publisher - Aauvi House Publishing Group, a former division of Aauvi Group, Inc.

Independent Contractors

Currently, the Aauvi House Publishing Group is recruiting for independent contractor Sales Representatives. A Sales Representative is responsible for marketing the product or company directly to customers-whether meeting with individual consumers or representatives of large stores; must effectively present the product, and persuade the customer to buy it; and must have complete knowledge of the product or service he or she is presenting, and must communicate well with others, gaining their trust and respect.

Generally, an independent contractor is a consultant or a person employed by a company which:

1. Is engaged in a business, trade or profession and who regularly offers such services to others on an ongoing commercial basis.
2. Has recognized experience or expertise in a specific area.
3. Is retained by Aauvi on a short-term basis, generally for a particular activity or project.
4. Is paid through invoices that are submitted to Accounts Payable (versus through the time card process).
5. Is not a Company employee and does not receive Company benefits.

There is an important difference between an independent contractor and an employee.

An "employee" is an individual who is under the direction and control of the employer, works full-time (or part-time), regular or temporary for the employer, and uses materials and tools owned by the employer.

An "independent contractor," on the other hand, is a person or a company that is not subject to the control of the company or the person retaining the independent contractor. An independent contractor will generally have his/her own business, will have his/her own tools or that company's tools, will perform projects or jobs for a number of different clients, and will invoice the clients for the job or periodically. In addition, an independent contractor will generally retain control and independence in the completion of a particular project and will not be under the direction and control of the party who retains the independent contractor and who is simply interested in having the job completed on a timely and economic basis.

Typically, Aauvi engages independent contractors in the nature of consultants. Independent contractors should not be retained as employee substitutes. Before you seek to retain an independent contractor on behalf of Aauvi, you must be satisfied and prepared to certify that the independent contractor meets the above test and is not simply an employee with a different title. If you are in any doubt as to whether the independent contractor you wish to retain meets these tests, please contact Corporate Purchasing.


Job Opportunities
Recruitment Process

Job Opportunities
Aauvi has always created, produced, distributed and sold its products, controlling every link in the chain. From design to sale, all members of our divisions are responsible for the quality of their work, and thus the satisfaction of our customers.

As our divisions grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to maintaining a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We believe wholeheartedly that people hold the key to achieving our business objectives and our overall goal of success. We offer many exciting career opportunities and are always searching for the most talented people to join our team.

To apply for job opportunities at Aauvi, please e-mail us at careers@aauvihouse.com.

Recruitment Process

One of the fundamental values shared by everyone at Aauvi is a passion for work that is well done. This is why we constantly seek to enhance the skills and develop the versatility and efficiency of our people.

To support the development of our values, our Human Resources policy consists of four fundamental principles:

1. People - Identifying prospective employees, carefully assessing their motivation, and matching to both the job and the spirit at Aauvi.
2. Dialogue - We believe dialogue is essential to enrich knowledge and to gain knowledge as a mutual effort amongst the parties.
3. Training - Initial training and continuing training programs within Aauvi are essential to employee development and advancement.
4. Advancement - We value the individual talent that comprises this Company and are committed to equal opportunities for each employee's advancement.

Our Company believes in and supports policies and practices that prohibit discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.


Our recruitment process consists of four interviews with people from cross-functional areas and inter-departments within our organization.

Department Manager
Team Member
Human Resources
Chief Executive Officer

Interview with Department Manager - Prepare for your interview, visit our website, and relax. It is during this initial interview that you will be meeting with the hiring department manager. You should bring with you your previous knowledge, experiences (whether education, professional, or personal) and any type of portfolio of work you may have. During the interview process just be yourself. We understand that you are interviewing us as well.

Interview with Team Member - The team member is someone who works with the hiring department manager. This is an opportunity to get answers to questions you have about the work you would be doing, the job, the department, etc. This interview also gives us a chance to better evaluate your skills and motivation.

Interview with Human Resources - During this interview you will learn all about our Company. This interview also gives the human resources manager a chance to evaluate your personality as a match to the Aauvi spirit.

Interview with Founder - During this interview you will meet with one of our founders. This interview will be a meet and greet and will give you an opportunity to ask any other questions you may have with respect to the Company.

Job Offer Process

After the interview process is complete, the interviewing team will meet, discuss, ask questions, and make a decision. Should you receive a job offer on behalf of Aauvi, the job offer will be subject to a background check. Upon your acceptance of the job offer and positive background check, you will become part of the Aauvi team and your adventures at Aauvi will begin.

If you decide to join us, your future will be shaped by your motivation, your determination and your audacity, in addition to the level and breadth of your competencies.


Integration of new employees is extremely important. In addition to a formally defined process, our managers take initiatives to personalize the initial welcome of people who join the Company.

Orientation begins with a Company overview, a tour of your benefits and our employee handbook. Next, you will complete the necessary forms related to your employment at Aauvi.

Immediately following the orientation process you will be given a tour of the Company and introduced to the various department heads and their teams throughout the Company. This ensures that people are totally conversant with our products and services and how they are made and/or serviced.

Next, you will begin your job specific training program over the next several days before beginning your job.


All new employees will participate in new hire orientations and training programs specific to their current job function at the onset of their career within Aauvi. After an initial apprenticeship, employees will be encouraged to attend other training programs and explore career advancement opportunities within Aauvi.

Your apprenticeship begins with an overview of the Company and job specific training, followed by management supporting your development and continually helping you acquire and perfect new skills.

During your apprenticeship, managers will be sharing their knowledge and, better still, creating environments and situations where each new employee develops a taste for learning. Encouraged to achieve goals they themselves have set, employees learn very quickly. More structured programs also ensure that our employees continue to learn throughout their career.

Developing knowledge and versatility, recognizing creativity, encouraging independence and a continual focus on enhancing performance are all integral to our training policy.

We believe that career advancement is the best way to nurture competencies, both functional and managerial. Changing jobs creates opportunities to take on new challenges, discover unfamiliar territories, acquire new frames of reference, and test untapped potential. Career advancement brings a chance to change, to mature and progress along your career itinerary.